This will kill bacteria and viruses, keeping you safe from getting sick. According to de la Garza, the tension when you pinch the tweezers together should be consistent and feel neither too loose nor too tight. Tweezers with a built-in LED light sound cool in theory, but in reality, were a bit of a gimmick. You need something sharp and pointy to turn the light on, which isn’t very convenient.

  1. Tweezers are a testament to the need for accuracy in our daily routines, whether you’re refining your brow arch or gently handling little things.
  2. The only downside is that the tips are thin and sharp, so you need a steady hand to use them safely.
  3. Plus, Slant tweezers come in a wider variety of colors and styles than the competition.
  4. Not only are these tweezers available at an affordable price point, but they also offer precision and a nice sharp point, which is needed for removing even the smallest of slivers.

It’s stood the test of time with our own Beauty Lab Executive Director Birnur Aral, Ph.D., who attested that her pair has stayed sharp for nearly a decade. It impressed us during tests, earning one of the top spots in performance and overall satisfaction. In fact, 100% of the testers strongly agreed that it was able to grab the tiniest hairs and did not break hair at the root. Scores also reflected that these were the most comfortable tweezers to hold and were the favorite for eyebrow shaping. “They’ve got some weight to them, too, making them feel sturdier,” one tester raved.

Plus, Slant tweezers come in a wider variety of colors and styles than the competition. Once our testers upgraded from drugstore tweezers, they haven’t looked back. Get the best of both worlds thanks to Joey Healy’s fine-tip slanted tweezers. Its point makes easy work out of grabbing the finest hair, according to GH Chemist Danusia Wnek. With a comb on the opposite end, you can separate hairs that need a quick plucking. While the brand doesn’t offer a sharpening service, “these are the sharpest tweezers I have ever used,” Wnek says.

However, if you move slowly and precisely, you’ll have more success removing hairs with sharper tweezers. Our team tester was able to grab the hair on the first try, as well as reach tiny hairs close to the arch of the brow. The tweezer also comes with a small cover to protect the tip from wear over time. Though more expensive than others on our list, the Anastasia tweezer was praised for its solid grip, seamless design, lightweight feel, and ease of use.

She also liked how the shaft is wider in the middle with silicone finger grips to prevent slipping and cramping during longer tweezing sessions. And while they may not be ideal for removing shorter hairs, our tester said they made eyebrow plucking quick and painless. René de la Garza, a celebrity brow artist and esthetician, says stainless steel tweezers are ideal. (The material is super durable and rust-resistant.) And according to dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD, the tips should provide a firm grasp “to prevent breakage of hair follicles and ingrown hairs.” Before starting, make sure your hair, skin, and tweezers are clean and dry.

The beauty industry is booming globally, with cosmetics, hair products, and skincare growing each year. As a result, people are experimenting with different strategies to achieve the perfect look. Slant-Tip Tweezers are one tool that can help you achieve that perfect look. The slant-tip tips on the tweezers allow for easier gripping of hair follicles. As a result, it allows for more precise applications and less damage to the skin.

We recruited 13 women who reported to the Good Houskeeping Beauty Lab, where Alberti used a different tweezer to shape their eyebrows. The tweezers’ brand names were covered with a marker or sanded off so the expert could try them out in a blinded fashion. Understanding what is tweezers is essential as this tiny tool is an unsung hero in your daily lives, performing anything from precise grooming to sophisticated jobs in various sectors.

More Commonly Mispronounced Words

But if you struggle to hold smaller sets of tweezers, this slight difference may not be an issue for you. Afterall, you really cannot go wrong with any pair of Tweezerman tweezers. For applying false lashes we recommend the ReNext – Curved and for removing blackheads, the FIXBODY.

It might seem trivial to some, but a world without tweezers would be a challenging one. From beauty routines to high-tech electronics assembly, these versatile tools touch various facets of our daily lives. With a vast array of types and functionalities, tweezers stand as a testament to human ingenuity.

Revlon Slant Tip Tweezers

The Regine Switzerland Slant Tip tweezers also performed well, and have a long, red protective tip that would be harder to lose than the Tweezerman’s (but it’s a little clumsy to get on and off). Tweezerman tied in plucking performance with spendier brands, and even outperformed the Rubis Swiss Cross Classic Tweezers, which were so sharp that they were prone to pinching our skin. Beauty, Health & Sustainability Lab Executive Director Birnur Aral led testing for this story.

Point-Tip Tweezer

In addition, it provides a more efficient way to remove individual hairs for a more precise eyebrow. The sharp, slanted tips, calibrated tension, and easy-to-grip base make for an all-around streamlined plucking experience. Made in Italy from high-quality stainless steel, with the brand’s signature matte black finish, we’re also big fans of the sleek and elegant yet sturdy design. Tweezers are primarily used for grooming eyebrows and removing stray facial hairs.

Pointed-Slant, Tweezer Guru Pointed Precision Tweezers

They can also be used to remove splinters, thorns, and glass from the skin. When shopping for tweezers, you’ll also want to factor in size and material. “You want to find a tweezer that feels comfortable in your hand,” Healy says. Not only is the set excellent for tweezing on-the-go, each pair is also durable enough for daily use.

(One is pointy, one is angled, and one is flat.) The pointy-tip tweezer grips hair firmly without risking a sharp poke to the forehead. When it came to pointed tip tweezers, only the Classic Necessity and Silver Gripper tweezers were able to effectively remove hairs. The Majestic Bombay and TweezerGuru’s tips were so thin and sharp that they were only useful for removing splinters or ingrown hairs. Investing in top-notch powertrend tweezers will lessen your chances of pesky side effects like ingrown hairs and make your overall grooming and tweezing process easier. Like most beauty products, there is a definite hierarchy when it comes to tweezers. And because we’re fanatical about zeroing in on the best of the best when it comes to literally anything and everything beauty related, I curated a list of the 10 best tweezers money can buy.

What to Look For in Tweezers

Blackhead tweezers are a relatively recent trend that prevent users from using hands (which naturally are very oily) to do at-home extractions. Dermatologists recommend having blackhead extractions done professionally for the best hygienic conditions and to minimize skin irritation. However, if you are still going to do at-home extractions, we tested blackhead tweezers to see which work best. Precise pointed tips can individually separate and handle tiny lash extensions.

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